Who We Are

Manhattan Junior Crew seeks to build high school student-athletes into strong, motivated young adults, by training crews to be competitive regionally and nationally.


Summer 2019

  • TBD: Season Start
  • June 29: TBD (Manhattan, KS)
  • July 20: Sunflower State Games (Topeka, KS)

Fall 2019

  • Aug 18: Cookout @ The Boathouse
  • Aug 19: Season Start
  • Sept 28: Head of the Des Moines (Des Moines, IA)
  • Oct 5: Head of the Oklahoma (Oklahoma City, OK)
  • Nov 2: Frostbite Regatta (Wichita, KS)

Winter 2019-2020

  • Nov 11: Season Start
  • Dec 7: Oxygen Optional Tournament (Manhattan, KS)
  • Feb 8: Shocker Sprints (Wichita, KS)
  • Feb 15: Pepsi Indoor Rowing Championships (Topeka, KS)


How to Join

Learn-To-Row Camp

For summer 2019, we are offering the opportunity for high school athletes to learn the sport from scratch.  Our learn-to-row camp runs Monday through Friday over two weeks starting July 8. Click here for more information and how to join.

Summer Rowing

Tuttle Creek gone a bit cray-cray?  No worries.  We train hard and play hard in City Park 8am to 10am Monday through Friday.  Don’t fret if you have to miss a week because of family vacation–come train with us with us when you’re in town!  Click here to register.

Competition and Development Crews

During fall, winter, and spring seasons, there are two levels on the team.  The Competition Team trains daily and travels to several events during each semester.   We also coach a Development Team for students who are either trying the sport for the first time or who are not yet ready for the commitment of being on the competitive team.  Click here for more information and which team is right for you.



Rowing is all about learning to move together, to work together, and to row together. Rowing teaches rhythm, strength, discipline, and self-confidence. It provides the unique combination of a fun sport, a full-body workout, strong friendships, and the opportunity to travel.

Rowing began in Kansas in 1963 when Coach Don Rose founded the Kansas State Men’s Crew. A rich tradition quickly grew, and K-State was soon competing at prestigious regattas and defeating traditional powerhouses such as Wisconsin, Purdue, Syracuse and Washington. Manhattan Junior Crew was then developed in the Summer of 1986 when a couple of high school girls wanted to participate in the sport not yet available to this age group. They approached Coach Don Rose, who agreed to coach them “if they could find enough friends to fill an 8-boat”. They melded in with the Men’s Crew and the rest is history.


We row on Tuttle Creek Lake north of Manhattan. The lake provides several miles of water for all types of training. The boathouse is located at 7560 Spillway Marina Rd.

During the winter, Kansas State Rowing Association provides us with an indoor training facility until it becomes warm enough to move back out to the boathouse. The last three years, we’ve shared a location with Combative Sports Center at 116 S 4th St.


Head Coach: Wesley Good

Assistant Coaches: Taylor McMorris, Grace Ure