Kevin C. Coffey Memorial Scholarship

College-bound seniors in high school who have rowed with MJC for at least one year are eligible to apply for the Kevin C. Coffey Memorial Scholarship.

To honor the memory of their son, Kevin’s parents offer a $1000 scholarship to aid an MJC graduate in the first year of their college journey.  Recipients are not required to pursue college athletics.

Here are the application details:

Step 1
Fill out the general scholarship application form available from your high school counselor.

Make sure the “Kevin C. Coffey Memorial Rowing Scholarship” box is checked.

Step 2
Have a coach write a letter of recommendation for you.

Step 3
Write an essay (1-2 pages) about what rowing has meant to you.

Step 4
Return all three documents to the MHS counseling office.

The deadline to apply is just before spring break.