Participation Levels

We believe rowing is for everyone.

To accommodate various skill levels and time constraints, we provide two participation levels.  Whatever your athletic experience, whatever your schedule, we have a path for you to become a better rower.

Recreational Team
In your first season, it is recommended to join the team as a recreational rower.  The boats and lineups in which you will be assigned to row will be designed to help you establish a solid technical base, including boat handling skills, basic commands, and safety points when we’re on the water.  Especially on days when the weather does not permit us to row outdoors, we will also spend some time developing strength, flexibility, and of course overall conditioning.

According to your progress, you will gradually be challenged by being put in smaller boats demanding higher and higher levels of proficiency until you are ready to step up to the competitive team!

Additionally, the recreational level of participation is ideal for students whose work load cannot handle the expectation of being at every practice (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 3:30-5:30pm) and/or the schedule of weekend races.

Competition Team
Usually, an athlete who has been on the team for at least one season has the prerequisite proficiency to step up to the competitive level.

Additional considerations in joining the racing team, however, pertain to schedule conflicts.  Before committing to this level of participation, please be aware that missing even one practice per week is not just a detriment to yourself but also to all of the racing lineups in which you will be assigned to compete.  In particular, bear in mind that you cannot arrive late or leave early since the whole team is meant to be in the middle of the lake at these times and it is not fair to ask your boatmates to start late or end early just for you.  Please schedule appointments and academic makeup work accordingly to the best of your ability, and always notify a coach via the team Discord server well in advance of any known absences.  Finally, please check the racing schedule before committing.

In addition to committing to perfect attendance, athletes who choose to compete are also expected to complete on-your-own conditioning on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  A training schedule will be provided.  These workouts can be done at home or on our fleet of rowing machines housed in our partner gym, the Combative Sport Center, a basement property located at 116 S 4th St here in Manhattan, KS.

Choose your participation level by signing up below!

Scholarships Available
Because we believe rowing is for everyone, we try to make scholarships available to those who need them, but funds are significantly limited.  Check out our scholarship page for the application process.

Recreational Team

Competition Team

3 per week 
Mon, Wed, Fri
5 per week 
MWF on the water
Tu/Th on your own
Flexible Mandatory for all practices and competitions.
8th through 12th Grade 8th through 12th Grade
Who can join
Open to all. 
No rowing or athletics experience needed
Coach approval required.
At least one season on Rec team is encouraged
Race Uniform
Cloth MJC tank top $11 Novice: Cloth MJC tank top $11 
Varsity: JL race tank ~$44
Summer Dues
MHK Sprints–FREE
Fall Dues
includes trailering and entry fees to
Frostbite Regatta
includes trailering and entry fees to
Head of the Des Moines

Head of the Oklahoma
Frostbite Regatta
Spring Break
Training Camp
n/a Highly Recommended
($200 deposit due 1 Feb)
includes trailering and entry fees to
Prairie Sprints

includes trailering and entry fees to
OKC Junior Invite
Prairie Sprints
Central Youth Champs