Fall 2020 Learn-to-Row Days

Ready to try something new?

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No previous rowing experience is necessary.

What to expect…
Rowing is simple to learn and impossible to perfect.

It is easy enough that you will be rowing in a team boat by the end of your first day, and it is hard enough that it can become a lifelong challenge after that.

When you arrive at the boathouse, you become part of the team for a day.  Your coaches and peers will help you learn your way around the facilities and identify kinds of oars, kinds of boats, and where you fit in to the day’s practice.

One of the coaches will teach you the basic technique on a rowing machine and then you will help your teammates carry your boat down to the water to learn how to get in.  You will be able to row along in a team boat and gradually pick up the finer points of technique as you go.

What about COVID-19?
We ask that students wear a mask when they arrive and until they get into their seat in their boat.

Hand sanitizer is provided on the dock for before mask removal and after putting masks back on.

Boats and oars are sanitized after each practice.

Ready to row?
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