Winter 2022-23

Indoor season is when rowers get fitter, faster, and stronger!

Rowing individually on the machines (we call them “ergs” short for “ergometer”–they measure how much work we do) helps athletes make gains in 3 primary areas:

  • endurance–moving your own body weight at a steady rate builds up your cardiovascular capacity, which means racing gets easier in the spring
  • speed–having your individual speed displayed on the monitor each stroke gives you instantaneous feedback and helps you see your progress over time
  • technique–erging allows you to focus on and make changes to your individual technical weaknesses, making you stronger by the end of the season

Our fleet of rowing machines shares space in the Combative Sport Center at 116 S 4th St here in Manhattan, KS, which also gives us access to cross training equipment.

Both Competition and Recreational practice schedules are available.