MJC Update: Week of 4/1/2018

Spring Break

I apologize for missing the updates the last two Sundays. Spring Break was busy and hectic, but we got a lot of work done. The weather was warm and the water was flat. By the end of the week, we totaled somewhere in the range of 100,000 meters.

Up Next

Prairie Sprints: This Saturday, April 7th at 899 South Wichita St, Wichita, KS. Please have the rowers there by 9am. We’ll be packing up the trailer on Friday at practice.

Looking Ahead:

Lake Shawnee Spring Classic April 28th in Topeka.


MJC Update: Week of 3/4/2018

Up Next

Row For Humanity: This Tuesday, the rowers will do their Erg-a-Thon for Row For Humanity. The location is still to be determined.

Looking Ahead

  • Meeting: a brief informational MJC parents meeting on Sunday, March 11 to ensure that everyone knows what is happening with MJC. Topics will include spring break, fund raising and the spring session. Exact time is to be determined, please contact Chris Brandt or Wesley.
  • Dues: Spring dues are due immediately. Spring break dues are due March 16. If there’s any concerns, questions, or need to set up a schedule, contact Marcia
  • Spring Break: March 18-24. We’re still looking for a chaperone to help shuttle the rowers.
  • Spring Truck: Our first and second sources for renting a truck for the spring season have fallen through. If you have any information on businesses that rent large trucks for towing, please contact Wesley.

Changes to practice

We’re back at the boathouse starting Monday! We won’t be on the water every day with temperatures still fluctuating, but we will be working out at the boathouse either way.

Dressing for cold weather:

  1. Rowers need to have an extra change of clothes with them every day.
  2. NO COTTON base layers, rowers need to have a moisture wicking base layer. Tshirts are not adequate base layers.
  3. Cotton based outerwear that is easily removed will be permitted.

Dressing for rowing:

  1. No pockets, if you’re outerwear (ie hoodie or jacket) does have pockets they need to be zipped up the entire practice or if it is a hoodie pocket you’ll be asked to turn it inside out.
  2. NO LOOSE CLOTHING, rowers wearing basketball shorts or other loose pants will catch in the seats tracks.
  3. Athletic sneakers are required, slides or sandles suggested for water training.
  4. Rowers need to come to practice prepared for land or water training.

These rules are points are designed to protect the health and safety of the athletes. If an athlete is not properly dressed, they will not be on the water and may be given a land workout instead.

MJC Update: Week of 2/25/2018

Up next

Tomorrow, February 26, we’d like everyone to bring a friend to practice.

Looking Ahead

  • If you haven’t received a copy of the spring itinerary, you can find it here.
  • We’re keeping an eye on the weather and hope to be back out at the boathouse in the next couple weeks.
  • Spring break is approaching fast: March 18-24
  • We sent home the information for the Row For Humanity fundraiser. Please make sure those get filled and sent out. 33% of the donations go to Habitat for Humanity; the rest will go toward your rower’s spring or spring break dues.

MJC Update: Week of 2/18/2018

Results from Pepsi Sprints

Junior B Women (16 and under): 1st: K. Brock; 3rd: L. Maxwell
Junior C Men (14 and under): 1st: F. Ceja; 2nd I. Ceja
Junior B Men (16 and under): 2nd: J. Brandt
Junior A Men: 1st: S. West; 3rd: E. Moris
Coxswain Race: 3rd: C. Burpee 
Kansas State Rowing Association (MJC combined with KSMC) won the All Points trophy for 2018!

Update on the Start of Spring

  • Spring officially starts Monday February 26. We ask that each rower bring a friend to practice that day.
  • If you haven’t received a copy of the spring itinerary, you can find it here.
  • We sent home the information for the Row For Humanity fundraiser last week. Please make sure those get filled and sent out. 33% of the donations go to Habitat for Humanity; the rest will go toward your rower’s spring or spring break dues.

Look Ahead

Spring Break is March 18-24.
The first competition of spring will be Prairie Sprints in Wichita on April 7th.

Changes to Practice

Remember, this week is optional between seasons.

MJC Update: Week of 2/11/2018

Results from Shocker Sprints

  • W. Hummel: 3rd place in the Junior Men’s 2km
  • K. Brock:  3rd place in the Junior Women’s 2km and 2nd in the Junior Women’s 500m.
The Shocker Sprints officials made a mistake when setting up the Junior Men’s 2km and Junior Men’s Lightweight 2km. Three athletes were put in the wrong category causing the scoring system and the announcers to say the wrong medalists for the Junior Men’s Lightweight. The officials send their apologies for that.

Update on Pepsi Open Indoor Rowing Championship

Held at the Pepsi Distribution Center at 2625 NW Topeka. Please have rowers there no later then 8am. This event also has a coxswain race (1k), as well as Mom, Dad, and little sibling races that are 1 min. The relays are also a blast. These events are 4 rowers per machine, trading off to row a total of 2km.

Look ahead

  • Spring Break is sneaking up on us. We know a lot of people are interested. To aid in planning, please let me or one of the board know if you are interested in going on this trip. This will also help us plan fundraising to reduce the cost.
  • Row4Humanity: We’ll be sending home letters and information for the Row4Humanity fundraiser. Make sure to look out for that. This will be one of the big pushes to help pay for spring break and spring season.
  • Spring Itinerary and schedule will be sent home this week with the rowers.
  • www.ManhattanJuniorCrew.org A reminder that we have a website which is kept up-to-date with our coming schedules. If anyone is interested in helping write content for the website, let me know. No programming expertise is needed.

Changes to Practice

  • Between Seasons: The practices for 2/19 through 2/23 are optional at the normal time of 3:15-5:15.
  • Monday 2/26 is the first official day of Spring and is a Bring-a-Friend day. We’d like all the rowers to bring one friend that day and teach them how to row.
  • The Boathouse: We’ll move back out to the boathouse as soon as Tuttle Creek Lake thaws. We are paying close attention to the long term forecasts.