MJC Update: Week of 7/22/2018

Sunflower State Games Results

W1x: (K. Brock) 3rd place
         (M. Larkin) 4th Place
         (C. Burpee) 5th Place
M1x: (M. Pitts) 1st Place
         (E. Moris) 4th Place
         (S. West) 7th Place
WN2x: (L. Maxwell) 1st Place
Mx4x: (W. Hummel) 1st Place
           (M. Pitts) 2nd Place
           (G. Terril) 3rd Place
M2x: (G. Terril) 1st Place
         (M. Pitts) 3rd Place
         (W. Hummel) 4th Place
Mx8+: 1st Place
Mx2x: (G. Terril) 2nd Place
          (C. Burpee) 3rd Place
          (K. Brock) 4th Place
WN1x: (C. Brandt) 1st Place
            (L. Maxwell) DNF

Up Next:

July 23-Aug 3: Last Learn-To-Row Camp

Looking Ahead

July 28: Last Learn-To-Row Class
Aug 10: Summer ends
Aug 15: First day of school
Aug 20: Fall Begins

Changes To Practice

Aug 13-17 is optional while we are between seasons. We will also switch to 3:15-5:15pm on Aug 15th.