MJC Update: Week of 2/18/2018

Results from Pepsi Sprints

Junior B Women (16 and under): 1st: K. Brock; 3rd: L. Maxwell
Junior C Men (14 and under): 1st: F. Ceja; 2nd I. Ceja
Junior B Men (16 and under): 2nd: J. Brandt
Junior A Men: 1st: S. West; 3rd: E. Moris
Coxswain Race: 3rd: C. Burpee 
Kansas State Rowing Association (MJC combined with KSMC) won the All Points trophy for 2018!

Update on the Start of Spring

  • Spring officially starts Monday February 26. We ask that each rower bring a friend to practice that day.
  • If you haven’t received a copy of the spring itinerary, you can find it here.
  • We sent home the information for the Row For Humanity fundraiser last week. Please make sure those get filled and sent out. 33% of the donations go to Habitat for Humanity; the rest will go toward your rower’s spring or spring break dues.

Look Ahead

Spring Break is March 18-24.
The first competition of spring will be Prairie Sprints in Wichita on April 7th.

Changes to Practice

Remember, this week is optional between seasons.